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sEIKI tv

When we try to turn the tv on, the red light is off and the tv does not go on. We turn it off by unplugging it and re-plugging it in somewhere else. Eventually it does go on.

Is the machine worn out so that we should purchase another (we've had it about 6-7 years) or is it in need of repair.......and where to go for that???


LE-24GY15-T3 OTT

When trying to use internet, I can get to a panel that says I have to do to use internet?Successfully Connected to Internet, but I cannot progress from that. What do


Netflix, Pandora streaming

We connected to our wi-if, we select Netflix and nothing happens. How do we connect to the streaming apps on the SE40FYP1T? Can you download other apps?


Is my TV still under warranty

I have a great picture but no sound


Need code to program remote. 26" class LED TV, SE26HQ02. Thank you


manualforSE322FS television



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